Views on Viewpoints

Picture this: Twelve people walking, jogging and sprinting on an invisible grid. They change direction, play with tempo, alter duration, lie down, spring up and repeat familiar gestures such as scratching one’s head as well as more abstract movements like an elbow jerk or spine roll. The rules are unclear, as is whether or not the group are making decisions as a unit or as individuals. To watch is amusing, at times baffling and always mesmerising. These actors are practicing Viewpoints. On Tuesday 21st and 28th February I had the pleasure of assisting director Ned Bennett on his two-part Viewpoints workshops with Mono Box. Like many directors, I’d heard of Viewpoints but wasn’t entirely sure

Sexy Dyslexic

Acting. Dyslexia. Dyspraxia. All very sexy words. And I encompass all three because I am neurodiverse and, therefore, a very sexy person. This is the conclusion I've come to after many years of accidentally wearing my pants over my clothes (see photograph) and failing driving tests by driving the wrong way round a roundabout. Cool. I'd always considered my 'Specific Learning Difficulty' to be just that - a difficulty with learning. But I've come to realise in recent years that it affects my acting, too. Roughly 6-7% of the general population are thought to be somewhere on the Dyslexic and/or Dyspraxic spectrum. This percentage rises, however, to 30-40% amongst actors - why is this? And can o