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The Biscuit Factory is like the Crystal Maze, with less gold foil,but possibly a biscuit. 

  • When exiting Bermondsey tube station, turn right and take the second right onto Drummond Road.

  • Keep walking straight, then take the third right onto Clements Road. Do not enter the Biscuit Factory from Drummond Road.

  • Walk along and you will see a brick wall with the word COMMUNITY written in white. This is the entrance!

  • Walk in through the side of the grey industrial gates passed the security hut.

  • Across the car park space is the entrance doors to Block F, which is the building on the right. This is our block!

  • If the doors aren’t open please call the Mono Box phone for access. Here’s our number: 07943 571165 

  • Once inside climb the stairs to the first floor. Follow to the signs to Studio 30. This bit is fun!

  • Let’s begin work.


For any problems on the day of a workshop please call our Mono Phone to contact the Duty Manager: 07943 571165


For correspondence or play donations please email for London address.



c/o Theataccounts Limited

The Oakley 

Kidderminster Road




E: hello@themonobox.co.uk


What is The Mono Box?

The Mono Box is a collection of plays donated entirely by industry professionals. It exists to help actors discover plays and find audition monologues and speeches for showcases, and responds to actors needs and wants. 

Who is The Mono Box for?
The Mono Box is for everyone who is interested in broadening their literary horizons. From young performers to seasoned pros, the trained and the "untrained" (gasp) to people returning to acting after a break, we've welcomed a huge range of actors through our doors.  

When and where will your next event be?

Keep an eye on our events page or drop us an email to hello@themonobox.co.uk to join our mailing list and get regular updates. 

Can you look at my speeches before an audition? 

If your bedroom mirror or mum's feedback just isn't cutting it anymore you can book one of our directors by the hour to look over your speeches and give you some advice and redirection before an audition. Our tutoring rates are £30/hour and £50/2 hours. Email hello@themonobox.co.uk and tell us a bit about you. We will then match you with the most appropriate director from our collective for you to arrange a time to meet. Alternatively we run Speech Showbacks as part of our monthly Speech Surgeries. If you've got a bit more time book a place to show your speech to a small group of fellow actors and one director. 

Where can I get a good headshot done?

Sadly, we can't all look like Brad Pitt or those girls out of Downtown Abbey so finding a good photographer is key to sell yourself. There are many fantastic photographers about but we can personally recommend these headshot photographers: Wolf Marloh, Faye Thomas, Alex Guelff, Ed Clark and Charlie Carter (Mono Box members get discount.) Never pay any money upfront and get a good night's kip the night before. 

Can you help me choose my headshots? 

Please don't send us your photos for looking at - especially not a dropbox of 300 snaps! If you're really finding it hard to look at your face, bring a selection of your photos along to a Speech Surgery and we can give an honest reaction to your shots. Ultimately, it's best to choose the ones that look like you and not the ones where you look like Beyonce. 

How do I write my biography for a show programme?

Theatre programme biographies tend to be written separating an actor’s work into the following sections: Training, Theatre Credits, Film Credits and Radio Credits. The credits within each section should be written in chronological order, with your most recent credit first. Some theatres or producers may ask for your biography in a different format depending on their venue or company's programme set-up. Just ask them for a template or example specifying what they want for you to follow and adapt with your own information.

What plays should I go and see? 

Try and see as much as you can and can afford. Check out TimeOut and Whatsonstage for the newest theatre listings, otherwise keep an eye on our twitter where we share what we recommend going to see and are excited about.