THE MONO BOX MAKERS is a month-long Spring Festival dedicated to Contemporary Theatre-Making. Nothing of its kind has ever existed before! Across the month of May we have invited some of the most exciting artists to explore the question: 


What is theatre going to look like over the next decade?

Through a thrilling programme of workshops (day and evening), lunchtime surgeries, creative conversations and open performances, we want to incite and foster a new decade of creative experimentation, empowering multi-disciplined talent. This is an exceptional opportunity for artists - facilitators and participants alike - to shake up their style. 

Each week the artists who we have invited will offer ground-breaking workshops which interrogate the big question. Meanwhile we invite participants to cast away their role as ‘actor’ or ‘writer’ and partake in multi-disciplinary workshops - varying from 3 hours to 3 days. At the end of each week there will be an open sharing of the work at Hampstead Theatre, which will form part of The Mono Box’s on-going Creative Conversations.


We wholeheartedly invite you to be as playful and experimental as possible! Come and be part of this fantastically dynamic month: try new things, expand your networks, nourish your inspiration and be part of a whole new decade of theatre-making.


See you there!