THE MONO BOX is a collaborative, not-for-profit network that caters for actors and theatre-makers seeking alternative, affordable training. We are committed to empowering actors by opening the door to what can seem like a daunting industry. Over the past three years The Mono Box has become a go-to resource, creating a dialogue between the professional world and those who are emerging into it.

  • To SUPPORT emerging talent in theatre

  • To provide access to a UNIQUE RESOURCE of play texts

  • To ENCOURAGE the personal, professional and social development of young artists

  • To equip young people with PRACTICAL TOOLS for the industry

  • To form a COLLECTIVE that fosters and nurtures creative relationships

  • DISCOVER new plays, writers and parts

  • Get ADVICE when looking for audition speeches for auditions and showcases in a relaxed FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT

  • Test a monologue out in a SPEECH SHOWBACK then get peer feedback and help from a director 

  • Talk to passionate INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS about their experiences both informally and in Q&As 

  • Participate in SPECIALIST WORKSHOPS 




"I can’t stress enough the importance to have accessible, quality training available to you. As a young actor it's imperative to keep active, share work and get feedback. The Mono Box offers it all and the cost doesn't deter someone travelling from outside of London too." 

Kayleigh, 28

"The play collection is astonishing.

Any actor would be a fool not to visit The Mono Box." 

Joseph Marcell, Patron 

"I am not a fresher anymore; I have trained in 4 different countries, and for years I have attended workshops in the sea of acting workshops offered out there. Yet at The Mono Box I was both reminded of what I already know but also gained a renewed freshness, pertinence and clarity that I have never found in other classes."


"I attended the Audition with Annie Tyson in November (I'm the one in red in the photo!) I have two pieces of good news! Firstly not only has Lucy (also in the picture) got onto the LAMDA Foundation, but I got onto their BA! I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU."


"One of my highlights of the Speech Surgery was meeting Denise Gough. She spoke to the group like she'd known us for years. She filled the room with warmth and made me realise the frustration I was feeling as an actor was not uncommon."