It's so easy when preparing for an audition to forget the one element that undoubtedly will win over the people you're auditioning for. Entertain them. Engage them.

So often people pick an audition speech because they think that the material will "show off" their acting. But of course we never really notice great acting. When we are in the presence of it in the theatre, we aren't thinking "That's great acting". We are just totally caught up in the story. At the end of the evening we may realise that we've seen a remarkable piece of performance. But rarely at the time.

So often audition pieces are chosen because the actor feels that they allow them to run the whole gamut of emotions from A to B. They can tear their heart out, and rent their spleen about how their cat was abused in kitten hood by next-door's milkman, or some other sensational topic.

For the people sitting on the other side of the table, for whom this is the fourth example of pet/dairy abuse they've had to listen to that day, it's hardly likely that they will be endeared to you from the use of this material. So often the big emotional speeches from plays are at a point that the audience has had to reach during the previous 90 minutes of performance. It's impossible to access them straight away, and feel their true emotional power in a two-minute splurge.