Sometimes in the profession loneliness can rear its ugly head, you may be away filming for weeks on end or on tour with a play, it's inevitable that you can often feel alone. Even simply struggling with not working and auditioning can leave you feeling isolated and depressed. Or at drama school where there is huge pressure to deliver for tutors etc - it can all feel a bit too much.

I have these thoughts regularly and have struggled to find effective ways of coping. I remember a chat I had with the colossal Mark Rylance once about these feelings and he said,

'I still feel like that but you have to learn how to push those negative thoughts to one side, you will never get rid of them completely but you have to find effective ways to put them to one side so they don't effect your work, you know they are there but don't let them win.'

Since then I have been largely better on the whole as an actor and as a man, I have my coping mechanisms and a specific group of friends around me that have nothing to do with the profession that help me keep things in perspective. The thoughts are there but I have more control over them now.

Here's a quote from James Dean that I have in the front of a note book: