This is a nerve-wracking process and can last over a period of months during which time nails will be bitten, sleepless nights will be plentiful, and emails anxiously scanned for news – good or not so good! However, the process can be an enjoyable and creative one if you go for it with good will, generosity, good humour and some hard work.

Here are a few pointers to help you – one assumes that nothing can dissuade you from doing this insane thing at this moment!


Think about precisely what you want from an acting training, the kind of course you’ll need if you wish to pursue a particular specialism - e.g. Musical Theatre, Actor/Musician, Screen Acting, Classical Acting, - maybe you are interested in a career that makes devised theatre events from scratch, or in working in non-conventional structures and forms - or do you seek an all-round actor-training that might include some of these but equips you broadly speaking for all aspects of the profession.

Do you want a 3 year BA Acting course (all reputable drama school 3 year courses are validated by a Higher Education institution and are deemed degree worthy and quite right too)or are you looking for something more fast-track if you already have a degree or are older, like an MA course, which generally lasts one year – one or two MAs are two years in length. Look at the on-line information about the schools you are interested in, particularly the prospectus – some schools will send you a hard copy if asked but generally information is available digitally from the schools’ websites.