No, you're not making it up: how to find your inner activist

I don’t know about you, but the industry can often make me feel like I need to adopt an “everybody for themselves” mentality. Stick up for yourself. Justify yourself. Fight for yourself. Yesterday, I was lucky enough join a group of exceptional individuals in a session exploring how we can be stronger together in challenging power strategies, led by the brilliant Tom Ross-Williams and Jess Bastick-Vines, who works with Equity.

Our discussion was inspired by personal stories that the group felt comfortable enough to share. We talked about privilege, power, visibility, creating boundaries within the work in order to keep ourselves safe within an industry that at times pushes you to be vulnerable. We enabled ourselves and each other to create change, to find our inner activists and to find out more about how Equity can very effectively and directly support us in day to day scenarios.

A key takeaway from the session for me was acknowledging my ability to respond to and to recognise other people’s actions or behaviours and the impact that might have on me. I might not be able to change one individual’s view, but I can recognise it and feel confident enough to give a helpful and empowered response. It also made me aware of my status as an ally, a friend or a colleague to support those around me. You do not need to be at the point of violence to give yourself the legitimacy you need, or to put the blame on yourself to feel like we can have these conversations.