Lend me your ears: A Shakespeare Speech workshop with Olivia Mace

What a divine burst of energy that is Olivia Mace. Creating such a holding and safe space to explore, and unite ones breathe and body. To access words and use them, and make it real. To be comfortable with words and ourselves. How the voice and the power of it can feel like electricity pulsing through your body. The power of choral work, and what it feels like for an ensemble to move together, in breathe and movement

Olivia spoke about circles. Three circles, imagining that it each circle is about the size of a hula-hoop. Circle 1. contains only you. Circle 2. is the communication between you and another, Circle 3. is the space you hold all the people 360 degrees that your playing to and with, in a sense the world. We are not one thing, we are together. Working through Shakespeare text she used this technique of switching circles. There was quick was improvisation around the text, to essentially find you slogan of what you ( character) wanted to say and to come out boldy with it, and to not hold on but move on. To get closer to the essence of what you are want to get across.

It was a very intimate and freeing workshop, and I would strongly advise it, whether it be for a speech you are working on or just to dip your toe into the kind of work that can be done with text. We are as society grows and flourishes in these modern times becoming less audible and far more visual, we have smaller attention spans, and we very often forget our ears. More often then not we are more likely to comment on what something looked like then, what was said or what we heard. Shakespeare’s plays were to be heard more so then seen, it is so important to listen.

Through a series of exercises this workshop allows focus to engage your senses and your ears, to hear, to fill and to feel the words