MAKING REVULVA with the DIY course

On the first day of the course I remember feeling a strong sense of fear. But I wasn’t scared of Amy Gwilliam (Course leader/ DIY Queen) or my fellow participants, I feared being seen. In the vulnerable way that being a creative, forces you to be seen. I feel as though any work you make as a creative is by default is an outpour of your ‘you-ness’. Your experiences, your pain, the perspective through which you see the world. I didn’t quite realize this until I walked into the Mono Box studio on the first Saturday morning, but I was petrified of people seeing my ‘me-ness’. I usually prefer to keep my ‘me-ness’ as a silent inner monologue, or as an inside joke at dinner with trusted friends whom I know will understand my ‘me’. Even when I perform poetry at open mic-nights, I find comfort in the knowledge that social norm does not allow people speak to me for too long. The encounter remains brief and people’s true judgements on my creative outpour stays safely inside their minds.