As women in any industry we are told to ‘show confidence’ or to ‘stand our ground' but no one ever tells us exactly what that means or how it should be done. That’s where Kate Sagovsky can help. She is a director with a specialism in movement using her expertise to help women discover better ways to negotiate space in their everyday and professional lives. In this one-day workshop she taught me and a group of seven other women specific techniques on how we can use what we already instinctively know to empower ourselves through clear non-verbal communication, without feeling like we are trying to be someone else.

To begin with we simply explored body awareness. We drew an outline of ourselves in our mind’s eye, taking note of any parts of our body we struggled to visualise. Each one of us had a different part that was ‘fuzzy’ in our minds. We discussed why we might block certain parts of ourselves from our awareness and how this affects our day-to-day body language. We explored integrating all parts of our body, and

experimented with how it felt to walk around the space with a new awareness of our whole self.