"The Mono Box has helped me endlessly.  The workshops and sessions sort you out with new skills, top up on old ones, get you meeting new people, and ensure that you’re primed for any opportunities that come your way.  It feels like they really look after you, like speech sommeliers they give proper advice and consideration to individuals.  The main thing for me coming out of University a bit unsure of what my plans were has been inspiration.  When I was looking at drama school, there literally wasn’t a better place I could go to get in the right state of mind.  And in fact, coming to The Mono Box has made my opinions about whether drama school is exactly what I want clearer, and opened up my ideas of the path I want to take.  And now that I’m working at creating opportunities for myself it’s a great place to come just for ideas for my theatre company or for audition pieces, and basically just a way to keep acting muscles and mentality fully flexed.  Over the last year or so after I left Uni, if it wasn’t for The Mono Box I reckon would have been sat on my arse watching Fort Boyard a hell of a lot more."





"The Mono Box has helped me in more ways than one. It has given me the confidence, not only in auditions, but also in my own writing and development. The workshops that I have attended have been far more like a form of training than anything else and I feel that I've learnt so much from all the facilitators Polly and Joan have got in. Despite not living in London I've still managed to take part in The Mono Box because of its prices; travelling is not cheap so I wouldn't of been able to do any of the great things with Mono Box had they charged what most workshops and classes of this high quality charge. I always felt that Drama school was the only way forward but I think I underestimated how much you can learn from others. Since participating in Mono Box sessions me and four other girls have formed a theatre company and are performing at the Vault festival 2015. I've also plucked up the courage to move to London - something which I had never thought possible for me. Now I really don't think I would have the confidence, courage or skill to have done this without the help of The Mono Box. Workshops with leading practitioners, one to ones, play browsing and Speech Surgeries... endless. Thanks to Polly and Joan all these are made possible and they create such a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone who participates." 



"Polly and Joan have created a wonderful resource. The play browsing, speech surgeries and workshops I have attended have all been really useful - and good fun! It's also nice to chat to other actors (I was introduced to my agent thanks to The Mono Box). All in all invaluable when you're just starting out."



"I've been to the Q&A at the Actor's Centre and then got the monologue found there and developed it at the Speech showback at the Old Vic, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Because, thanks to you guys I a) had a monologue, and b) got feedback on it that led to me getting two offers (One from Central, the other from Rose Bruford) for Acting Diplomas. I feel that with the speech showback especially, you guys have really helped because you provide that outsider's perspective on the speech, which I think made all the difference. Also I think having to perform in front of a group of people helped as well, because it made me more accustomed to getting into character in front of people. Thanks again!" 




Venues Feedback: 

It's not often you find a new initiative like The Mono Box that provides a service so needed by young actors that you are surprised no one ever thought of it before! Not just another collection of monologues, The Mono Box is a living breathing archive plays that has been lovingly collated by Joan and Polly which they make available to young actors through The Actors Centre and The Old Vic on a regular basis.


The material they have collected is fabulously diverse, uniquely personal to the donors, and yet highly accessible. The donor’s comments added to each piece give a fabulous perspective to the writing, something that it’s difficult to find elsewhere! For any young actor, allowing their own identity to come through in an audition piece is key to success, and The Mono Box is one hell of an opportunity to find a piece that not only does the actor justice, but allows them to shine.


The Actors Centre is absolutely delighted to have played a part in the development process of The Mono Box, and brought it to the notice of many young actors and graduates!! Thank goodness Polly and Joan thought of this as an idea. Where would we be without it?


Paul Clayton, Chairman of The Actors Centre

"The Mono Box worked with us to build a high energy, focussed personal impact session for a group of business people. They responded creatively and accurately to our brief and also were able to finesse the plan and react intelligently to changes in the agenda.Their planning, professionalism and the sheer dynamism of their delivery enabled a group of people to open up and work together quickly and easily. It meant we were able to reach our learning objectives in powerful and compelling way. The Monobox create a warm, playful, supportive and highly engaging training environment and we can’t wait to work with them again soon!"


Jessica Stockford, Head of Board Development, Arts & Business

Featured on ALRA Issuu Magazine, February 2014

Featured on Spotlight, October 2013

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