with Katie Henry


Monday 4th November 

TIME: 6.30pm-9.30pm 

LOCATION: The Mono Box Studio 30, Block F, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road Bermondsey, SE16 4DG



This workshop explores what confidence is, how you get it, and how you might hold on to it. Through discussion, journalling, physical exercises, visualisation and coaching, participants will go away equipped with practical tools, greater self-awareness and dynamic actions to ensure they can reduce self-doubt and increase self-belief. Getting to grips with what might be holding them back, and how they can overcome it. Katie’s ear is attuned to the individual, employing a holistic approach that is both playful and rigorous, she supports, guides and coaches actors to find their own unique version of confidence.




As a theatre director, teacher and life coach with over 15 years experience in the industry Katie is uniquely placed to work with actors on building resilience and confidence. Through her experiences as a director of War Horse for 8 years, coaching actors one-to-one, and as a freelancer herself, she has observed a greater need for confidence and resilience in the face of the ups and downs a freelance lifestyle brings. She is fiercely passionate about the importance of mental health and wellbeing given the realities of so often operating from a place of rejection, scarcity and ‘not enough’. Blending her experiences as a director, and co-active life coach with her training in Brene Brown's Daring Way andDare to Lead courses, Katie holds a supportive and empathetic space for self-discovery. 



with Helen Ball 


Saturday 16th November (10am-1pm) 

Wednesday 22nd January (6.30-9.30pm)

LOCATION: The Mono Box Studio 30, Block F, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road Bermondsey, SE16 4DG



Heard of Alexander Technique but never tried it? Try this relaxed class to help transform how you think about your own movement presence.

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to move well. How we move is how we live. Moving with more intention improves coordination, communication, performance and can help you fully show up when it comes to connecting with other people and yourself.

Join Helen Ball in this 3 hour taster session to start making your own movement changes and learn Alexander for greater poise, performance skills and personal power. Helen will show you how to reduce the kinds of postural habits that are going to lead to pain, and how to maximise the ones that will keep you performing and moving well throughout your life.

It is possible to think yourself to better movement and reap the lasting benefits, so start now.




Helen is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher with over 1600 hours of training, and a registered member of the Society of Alexander Technique teachers. She is also the founder and director of The Audience Friend, a business connecting more people with great arts experiences, working with The National Theatre, Science Gallery London and The Royal Court.



with Amy Gwilliam and Vivenka Chauhan

DATE: Sunday 12th January

TIME: 10am-5pm

LOCATION: The Mono Box Studio 30, Block F, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road Bermondsey, SE16 4DG



Long-time Mono Box facilitator, performer and theatre-maker Amy Gwilliam collaborates with healer and film-maker Viveka Chuan to bring you this dynamic, restorative new year workshop series centred on combining play and healing therapies to identify and release blockages within ourselves and our creative practice.


Sounds kooky? Read on…


As actors, theatre-makers and artists, we live in a field of unpredictability and intense emotion, with high physical and emotional demands, poised between the real and make-believe. No doubt this is what compels and energises us, but it can also be depleting. We naturally encounter obstacles, or blockages, deep inside ourselves. We often speak of a “block” or “being blocked” - and it’s more than just a metaphor!


While these blockages can seriously impact our health and impede our creative work, they can often be opportunities in disguise. The question is, how can we work through these blocks and cultivate a practice that is both self-nurturing and outward looking?


When Viveka and Amy met in a year-long training in Therapeutic Skills, they were struck by how their respective backgrounds in healing and theatre could entwine to create a dynamic platform to explore how to unblock and unstick repetitive patterns in our work and play.


This workshop series will use the 7 energy points or “Chakras” as a basis for exploration. 


Viveka will give an active experience in opening up the chakras, identifying the physical sensation of blocking and what may, emotionally, lie behind it. Drawing on her experience in reiki, kundilini breathing and Alexander techniques, she will relax and reinvigorate participants and share tools for solo practice.


Amy will bring her play-centred approach – drawing on improvisation, movement and clown - 

to release and reenergise participants, coaxing and returning them to their native, unchecked capacity to play. In so doing, equip ourselves for a more open, expansive creative year ahead. 


Bring on 2020!




Amy is a theatre-maker, performance artist and facilitator. Following a degree in English at

Cambridge University, she trained for two years with Philippe Gaulier in Paris, after which she established award-winning touring company Teatro Entre Escombros in Spain (“sublime, ridiculous”). Her most recent work has focused on solo performance, including MUMMY (performer, writer) and - in Portugal - De Monster (dramaturg, director). She writes, performs and directs for comedy and cabaret events, curates the satirical revue ExperTeaze and is currently writing her new bouffon show The Profit.


Amy has trained and worked with theatre companies from all over the world, including Complicite, Spymonkey and SITI Company. She has a diploma in Therapeutic Skills and is a core facilitator for Theatre for a Change (recent projects in Malawi and DRC) and Clowns Without Borders (recent projects in Greece and Turkey).


As a facilitator/coach, she is known for her playful and rigorous practice which is centred less on methods and more on madness. She frees the performer in a very special way.





Saturday 25th January

TIME: 10am-5pm 

LOCATION: The Mono Box Studio 30, Block F, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road Bermondsey, SE16 4DG



Tired of treadmills, rowing machines and spin classes? Want a gym that gets you to work up a creative sweat as well as a physical one? Then Gym-Jam is for you!

Gym-Jam - Creative SWEAT is a one-day intensive workshop aimed at movers, shakers and theatre-makers that will leave you feeling sharp and offer participants a multitude of launch off points for creating your own movement based material.

The Gym bit will provide you with guided time to unlock your physicality and explore your personal movement with curiosity. We’ll then spend time honing in on skills building to improve your creative palette. This will include; contact work, impulse work and release work.

After you have built up a sweat. The Jam bit will get you working collaboratively and playfully with your fellow artists in the room. Using quick fire devising tasks, creative provocations and sandbox style play, to create and develop performance material.





Gavin is a theatre-maker, performer and practitioner for acclaimed physical theatre company Frantic Assembly. He holds an MA in Collaborative Theatre Making (Coventry University, in association with Frantic Assembly) and a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Theatre (East 15). Performing credits include: The Great (Netflix) A Midsummer Night's Dream (Action to the Word, Latitude Festival) The Last Women (Belgrade Theatre) MySpace (Nightingale Theatre, Kirsty Housley).

For Frantic, he has delivered international residencies, advanced training programs and co-directed the company’s flagship outreach project Ignition in 2019. He has also performed with the company as part of their anniversary celebrations Frantic25 at The National Theatre Riverstage.

As a maker, Gavin runs his own immersive and interactive company Immersus. The company specialises in large-scale immersive events and projects that transport an audience into the very centre of the created world. Work has included: The BallroomBlitz at The Old Court in Windsor and The Market House Underground in Reading.


Will is a freelance performer, theatre-maker and practitioner who facilitates and collaborates with a variety of companies in the UK and internationally.
In 2019 he launched his own company, Hueman Theatre, directing a show on the future we create with daily actions entitled ‘ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Era’. It played at The Camden Fringe to a sold out response and future backing. He plans to develop the show in 2020 with the company to perform again.

His international collaborations include working with Undercover Theatre who are based in Norway but also tour worldwide with the comedy-documentary ‘Undercover Refugee’ to encourage refugee integration in local areas.

Will also facilitates with Fourth Monkey running workshops on physical theatre and principles of performance for young creatives on their outreach programme. He also runs advanced physical exploration and devising workshops with professional level performers.





Sunday 2nd February 10am-3pm 

LOCATION: The Mono Box Studio 30, Block F, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road Bermondsey, SE16 4DG



A weekend intensive course for actors, movement-lovers and dancers to help you compliment your existing skills. 


With dancer and choreographer Mbulelo Ndabeni, experience a weekend of South African dance practice and exercises that will help you during your time off projects and can be done anywhere including preparation periods such as research and development, auditions, rehearsals and creations. 

Movement is for everyone and this versatile cross training is created for you to gain a diverse range of physical sensations and improve your ability to pick up choreography. ​You will learn exercises from ballet, southern African Dances ( traditional and contemporary) that require different use of the body and energy. These exercises  will help you connect more with your embodied spiritual flow by tapping into the energy within the body and around us. With self care exercises such as stretches to keep the body agile and flexible  including beginning the day and ending the day with chanting that will help you feed and focus the mind. Expect to fully engage your body, mind and spirit in a safe and welcoming environment designed for everyone.  ​



  • Spiritual health 

  • Mind and Body care 

  • Confidence

  • Learn self care and maintenance exercises to do at home, work and or in the park anytime



Sunday 2nd February

10 - 10-30am – chanting (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) 

(If people need to change then will start at 10:45am with physical work) 

10:30am - 11:00am – chair 

11:00am – 12:15pm – ballet 

12:15pm - 12:30pm – tea break 

12:30pm – 13:30pm – Jika-Jika movement (Southern African dance session) 

13:30pm - 14:00pm – short lunch 

14:00pm – 14:45pm – self-care | stretches 

14:45pm – 15:00pm – chanting and finish 


Bring a form roller or tennis ball with you! 





Born in Ugie, South Africa. Trained at Dance For All, UCT School of Dance, San Francisco Academy of Ballet, and London Studio Centre. He worked for Cape Town City Ballet for a season before moving to the U.K. 2005-2007 He worked for Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake where he toured throughout the U.K and Internationally.

2007-2014 Rambert Dance Company, performing in works by Henri Oguike (Tread Softly), Christopher Bruce (Hush, Rooster), Javier De Frutos (Elysian Fields), Itzik Galili (A Linha Curva, SUB), Merce Cunningham (RainForest, Sounddance, The Event), Mark Baldwin (Comedy of Change, eternal light), Lucinda Childs (Four Elements), Paul Taylor (Roses), Barack Marshall (Castaways) and Ashely Page (Subterrain), Fukiko Takase (Cultivate a Quite Joy), as well as many other great choreographers.

He has created his own works for Cape Town City Ballet (Nomvula), Rambert's Evening of new choreography (Dealing (2009), Indlela (2010), Yomani (2013). Cloud Dance Festival (The State in-between (2013). A big thank you to all my great teachers/mentors who trained me so hard and gave me so much support. Thank you to the David Poole Trust (Harold King) for the scholarship, which brought me to London.